“Rituals are a poignant
and necessary part of living well”

Rituals are a poignant and necessary part of living. All living things make meaning and initiate transition through rituals, whether it’s the male spider wrapping silk around a gift to seduce the female for mating or the way Christians dunk themselves in water as a sign of rebirth.

We long to make rituals, to mark, and honor the seasons of our lives. From birth to the grave we will have known many joyful and grief-stricken experiences, all of which are worth beholding and moving through with presence and intention. But when there is an absence of acknowledging important experiences, we often find ourselves wandering and alone, unsure how to mark them in ways that are meaningful and congruent with their impact on our lives.

Rituals won’t save you, but they will be a container when life is disorienting and unknown or when you need to honor something significant. Rituals will sift through your heart and soul to draw forth what matters to you. They will draw out what has been bound and needs loosening, what is worth giving full expression to or what deserves honor and celebration.
We need gifts wrapped in silk. We need to be dunked in holy waters because this world and our inclinations are hardened at times. Rituals soften us. They ask us to have integrity, to show up to our lives, and take worthwhile risks that graciously impact our future. We live a fuller life when the cadence of ritual-making is part of our living.

“We live a fuller life when the cadence of ritual-making is part of living.”


There are a myriad of reasons why people want a ritual. The overarching theme, though, is change. Either there is loss, birth, birthday, trauma or something else needing you to mark and move through it with thoughtfulness and honor. Often we disengage and find ways to move around change, even the good stuff, rather than through it.

Through my background in psychology and art, I’ll guide you into a personal and poignant time of allowing you to undergo the transition and come out with a sense of clarity, hope, and groundedness.

What can you expect?
I’m here to provide:

+guidance and support (like a doula) +artistry and imagery (like an artist and curator)
+provocation and revival of your memory, which opens you to areas  that are stagnate, forgotten or disowned  (like a therapist)
+facilitation of the ritual with you and whomever else in attendance  (like a priestess)

I meet with you individually to hear about your desire to mark a change.
Together we will see and sense:
-how the past affects this particular change
-the places in your story that resist or           prevent change
-where meaning and beauty are emerging
-what you want for your future

After we meet, I spend time contemplating, sketching out, and waiting for imagery and themes to transpire, but there’s also plenty of room to co-create together. You have as much to say in the prcoess as you want. Each ritual is different and distinct.
Every ritual is composed of: -creative actions to engage your body -particular language and use of your senses -the arts, whether music, poetry or otherwise
-witnesses who also are given opportunities to participate in the ritual -containment and full expression, whether it’s grief, anger, stillness  or joy

Are you ready for a ritual? Email me at hmariestringer@gmail.com 


As social creatures, we are meant to create periodic invitations to come together and mark an occasion. We need spaces where we are contained, yet also permitted to express some of our deepest and most hidden feelings together. If those spaces aren’t created, we are often burdened by the weight. Isolated and disconnected, we then experience our emotion as a predator, rather than as a conduit for change to move through you and others.

Communal rituals can be for any kind of occasion. If you and your community, church, team or family and friendship circles are wanting to mark and move through an issue, create a seasonal ritual or honor something important, a ritual can be curated with and for you.
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