Reclaiming Beauty Ritual Box

Reclaiming Beauty
Ritual Box

A curated beauty ritual in the comfort of your home. 

Reclaiming Beauty

The face is the entrance to the soul, yet we live in a culture that dismisses storied faces of women and men. Storied faces are aging faces. The more we live, feel, and express the more our face is engraved with these stories. When we honor our faces, we are then invited to deeply care about our soul.

The soul is what radiates our beauty and it is most revealed on our particular faces.

What's in the box?

  • A a guided beauty ritual by therapist and ritual-maker, Heather Stringer, LMHC
  • A beautiful journal leading you through the ritual.
  • An audio guide with original music by Zadok Wartes.
  • All of the elements required for the ritual:
    • Incense by Hibi
    • Rose water by Thatch Design and Goods
    • Ash from the forests of Leavenworth, WA
    • Moroccan clay
    • Frankincense in coconut oil
    • Gold dust 
  • An art card to display

You will also receive:

  • Reclaiming Beauty Community Ritual Session with Heather Stringer and those who participated in the ritual ($50 value). 
  • First access to future ritual boxes and 10% off your next purchase.

Ritual Experience

$129 + shipping

* Box deliveries are around 3 weeks. If you’re gifting this to a loved one, please indicate on your order and we will immediately send you a beautiful card to give to the recipient of the ritual box.

Can I purchase this as a gift for someone?

Yes! It is a kind and unique gift to offer someone. 

What happens once I receive the box?

The Reclaiming Beauty Ritual Box will have all the instructions you need – both written out in the journal and through the audio guide, which will is hosted on Bandcamp. 

Is there bulk pricing?

Yes! For 2 boxes, you’ll receive 15% off. For more than 2, please contact 

How much is shipping?

Shipping is $15. 

Do ship internationally? 

Yes, we do. 

What is ritual?

In the words of Malidoma Somé, “Ritual is called for because our soul communicates things to us that the body translates as need, or want, or absence. So we enter into ritual in order to respond to the call of the soul.” Ritual creates holy places, through intentional experiences, where recover who we are and who we are meant to be in this world. 

How long does this ritual take to complete? 

We recommend doing the ritual over 2-4 days.  There are 4 sections, each around 30 minutes long.

Can this ritual be done by men too? 

Of course! If men stepped into their beauty, a revolution might happen. 
This ritual is for everyone, not only those who identify as women or men. All of humanity needs a reclamation of beauty. 

When will these ship out? 

These will be shipped out in the next 2-3 weeks at the latest. We will give you a head’s up via email once they’re ready. Depending on your shipping selection, they will be at your front door between 2-5 days.

How large are the boxes?

They are 11″x8″x4″.

Who are the makers of the products?

+Incense made by Hibi

+Thatch Design and Goods makes the rose water (also known as hydrosol, extracts the flower essence more effectively)

+Zadok Wartes from Opiate Mass created the music for the audio guide

+Edible gold dust by HomeHere

+Packaging Design by Design By Hyphen

+Life In Ritual sourced and filled the remainder of the products

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